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VDOCS us using the latest and most advanced PDF conversion software that provides
- very high quality OCR and
- very small file size in combination with
- very fast processing.
VDOCS provides the option to add bookmarks into a PDF document.  This enhances the
- usability of the PDF files.
- Combining full text search with bookmarks makes is
- very fast and easy to navigate to find the information.  
 Bookmarks in full text PDF
medical_bookmark_example Convert to full text searchable PDF files
We even create the OCR layer on the Tiff Files or create a corresponding text file that contains the OCR. This makes it easy and fast to integrate the searchable TIFF images into your Document Management System, because no processing is required on your systems part to generate the OCR.
Creating editable documents is much easier and faster than to recreate or re-type a document from scratch. We create two version for Word or Excel.  2003 and 2007 plus a full text searchable PDF file.
VDOCS support your legal document requirements with the creation for Legal Support System
- load files for Major Systems like Concordance etc.
- Precise OCR even on Color documetns 
Need to convert your load files, (Images, Txt, Dat, CSV) file back to full text searchable PDF Files? -
- Convert Load Files into full test searchable PDF
- Great OCR for full accurate full text search
- use load files to create filing and naming of PDF
Need your documents bates stamped or numbered? We Bates stamp the way you need it.bates-stamp-sample Convert to full text searchable PDF files
VDOCS has many options to automated document capture, index and filing. Documents can be indexed and filed by
- OCR, zonal OCR,
- Barcode,
- Document Classification, Document Forms,
- OMR and other methods.
Documents can be integrated very easily with XML files. VDOCS supports the -
- creation of XML support files that will
- automate the batch import processs
- supports document management systems
- like Laserfiche, Docushare and many others.
Need to convert your Outlook to PDF Files, PST files to PDF and other E-Mail files to full text searchable PDF Files?  
email-to-pdf Convert to full text searchable PDF files
VDOCS converts to small full text searchable PDF files,  including the E-Mail attachements.


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