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Document indexing is key for future retrieval of documents by required search criteria.  The correct indexing or document naming is very important in addition to the correct way of filing documents that are or will be either stored on a local server, in the cloud or in a document management system.
Most documents are created based on already electronically available information, like PO number or Invoice Number. The corresponding information, like PO Date, Invoice Amount, Vendor, is already stored in the AR / AP system.
As example for invoice scanning and processing we would link the invoice number to the required information like Date, Amount, Vendor from the client database or spreadsheet. This would reduce the indexing and validation process to a fraction of the time and also use always correct information from the spreadsheet for the filing process.


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Data Extraction from Documents
To automate the process VDOCS can retrieve data from the document either semi autoamted or automated.
The options include:
Zonal OCR:
Capture  information from the document that are stored in pre-determined areas
Classification, Forms Capture and Indexing Services:
Autoamted identification of document types like Invoice, Statements, Receipts
Barcode Recognition:
Identify page separator or extract data from Barcodes that can be used for indexing and data lookups.
OMR (Optical Mark Recognition):
Use forms like survey forms and identify the data
Document Metadata, like author, subject
Retrieve data from file metadate that are included or part of the documents
Semi-Automated Indexing
Use the above methods to extract required data and use a database or spreadsheet lookup process to retrieve all required data for indexing and filing
Document Filing
Using the data from the indexing process is the next step in automation the document filing and publishing process.
Every customer has a different way ot filing their documents, so this is a very customized process.  In many cases we need to file documents in a already current filing structure and using and already estabished naming conventions.
The software we are using for the document caputure index and filing is VDOCS autoINDEX>autoFILER. The Documents will be filed on a the customer required folder structure with the agreed naming and indexing convention.
Data Support Files
autoINDEX>autoFiler generates for each filing process a dedicated audit file that tracks all activities from the document capture, document indexing to the final document filing process. In addition we can provide support files that contain additional information based on additional requirements.  


For the best way to determine how much automation your document capture, indexing and filing process allows, please contact us.

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