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PDF Conversion Service
We can OCR (Optical Character Recognition) your documents with different resolutions (between 300 dpi to 600 dpi).  Depending on the original document type the higher resolution can provide better OCR results with our conversion services we separate the documents, even if the original documents were scanned with 300 dpi.  We do not recommend lower than 300 dpi, because this will reduce the OCR quality significantly.
PDF Color images are reduced by up to 85% in size by using Mixed Raster Content (MRC).  In this process the image is being separated into the different layers with different characteristics. Based on characteristics of the layers, each layer is compressed using the most efficient and accurate compression algorithm. 
PDF Black and White Images are being reduced by up to 40% in file size by using the latest JBIG2 compression algorithym.
By incorporating these separate processes for the creation of the searchable Text and the images, VDOCS can generate full text searchable PDF files with great OCR quality, great image quality and small file size.


Convert documents to Full Text Searchable PDF Files
Looking for information in PDF documents? As example finding a keyword in this 687 pages PDF took only a few seconds and the keyword was found 19 times, after the file was converted by VDOCS to a full text searchable PDF document
OCR-IN-LARGE-FILE Convert Documents, Conversion Services



Creation of Bookmarks in PDF Files
VDOCS Bookmark creation makes it very easy to look for information within the document. 
For example in medical charts it is much easier to look and search for keywords within only one document than throught multiple individual documents. But it is important that the data within the PDF file is organzied like the original record.
medical_bookmark_example Convert Documents, Conversion Services
VDOCS bookmark creation does this for you. Easy search within the entire file, but still be able to quickly navigate from one chapter of the document to another one.



Convert documents to MS Word, MS Excel or ePUB
VDOCS converts your documents to PDF, Word, Excel ePub File formats. The source files can be TIFF, PDF, JPG or other images. 
- You receive two Word or Excel Files (formatted for Office 2003 and 2007)
- Text normally converts very well, but images, tables and other non-text areas might not convert too well.
- For reference how the original looks, we provide also a full text searchable PDF file.  
Please note: We do not offer retyping or OCR correction services for conversion to MS Word, Excel etc.
pdf-to-word-conversion Convert Documents, Conversion Services



Convert documents to Full Text Searchable TIFF Images, Files
VDOCS converts your documents to full text searchable TIFF files.  
Normally TIFF images do not contain the OCR layer, but several Document Management Systems that are still using TIFF. 
With full text searchable TIFF images the images are pre-processed this makes is easy to search for content with the TIFF Images.
OCR_in_tiff Convert Documents, Conversion Services








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