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Document Scanning Services since 2004 to Industries like


Medical Records Scanning, EHR Scanning, Hospitals,

Law Firms,

Construction, Architectural, Engineering Firms,

- Manufacturing,

- Local, State and Federal Governmental Agencies,

- Retail and Service Companies,

- Mortgage Companies,

- Finance Companies,

- Insurance Companies,

- many Small Businesses and

other companies and organization

We developed vast experience for the best document conversion for each of our customers. Every customer has different documents and different requirements on how the documents need to be scanned, indexed, converted and filed. 

Highest Quality Document Scanning Process


Quality Scanning and Quality Conversion by VDOCS. Every year VDOCS converts millions of records. Normally we convert documents into document formats like: 

- Full text Searchable PDF files with OCR (optical character recognition)  

- Single and multipage TIFF

- OCR'd Text searchable TIFF files

- Concordance, Summation Load files

- JPG image and many other formats.

With VDOCS autoINDEX>autoFILER we apply the latest most advanced document imaging technology to create highest quality full text searchable OCR'd PDF Files that have the smallest possible file size.  Color pages are reduced in file size by up to 85% and BW pages by up to 40%.

To display documents fast and efficient on mobile technology it is important that the scanned documents are very high in quality and are small in file size.




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"The charts look awesome"
VDOCS as a medical records scanning services specialist is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines.
We only work with medical records under the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. 
VDOCS as medical records scanning specialist is well acquainted with the aspects of your medical practice, especially medical records. 
Our solution provides innovative options like sections in PDF files (Bookmarks),  default mixed color, bw scanning of charts.  And VDOCS provides the best possible OCR that you can search for keywords within your charts. 
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"I greatly appreciate your quick turn around and patience" 
VDOCS Legal Document Management Solutions, Scanning Services and eDiscovery Solutions enable you to respond quickly and defensibly to legal and investigative requests for electronic evidence.
We scan your legal documents and convert to full text searchable PDF files.Or we provide you the scanned documents as Load Files for Concordance, Summartion, TrialDirector, iPro.
Bates Stamping Services
Bookmarking options



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"The quality is better than the original"
Large Format Scanning Services in Color and BW is one of our core competencies. Our scanned drawings can even include Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
Default Scan resolution is 400x400 dpi for wide format drawings for highest quality.
Image Quality improvement with quality processes like deskew, despeckle, fine rotation, negative image.  
Indexing and Bookmarking of each drawing to find pages in multi-page drawings. 
The largest document we scanned was 36" wide and 72 feet (!) long. Any size in between is no problem for us.
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"Your team did a wonderful job."
VDOCS provides Document Scanning Services at your location or at our production center.
Depending on what makes most sense for your needs, we would scan the documents at the location of your choosing.
For On-Site Scanning
We would provide all equipment, personal and technology to provide efficient, fast and high quality document conversion of your records.


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