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Every law firm, legal office handles their documents differently. The conversion of documents to electronic files in the legal industry contains many different aspects. VDOCS has the expertise to support your organization with the correct conversion process. We provide the document conversions either off-site at our production facility or on-site at your office. 

The legal industry was one of the first adopters of the digital conversion of their records. But many firms have not gone digital or have aged and inefficient processes in place. VDOCS would help you evaluating the next level of digitization and workflow improvements.

VDOCS Document Management Solutions, Scanning Services and eDiscovery Solutions enable you to respond quickly and defensibly to legal and investigative requests for electronic evidence. One important document could make the difference of you winning the case. Find the information in seconds instead of going through boxes and boxes of paper


 vdocs-legal-Litigation-Scanning Litigation legal document scanning services



Case File Scanning - Document Scanning


Historic Case File Scanning for archiving your case files is almost required practice in you the legal industry. Instead of storing your records as harcopy documents in boxes, you have the closed case files scanned by VDOCS. The benefit is that your case files are OCR’d and full text searchable and you do not need to store the paper based records anymore. Down the road this save you lots of headaches, document retrieval and document storage cost. And as added benefit your records are full text searchable. This makes it easy to find typed keywords within your records at a later time.

In many cases our clients require to have the case files returned in the original condition. In this case we scan the case files and re-assemble and restaple each document. To provide the highest level of document integrity the file preparation is done at the scanning workstation. The staples, clips, binders are removed, the pages are scanned and then immediately re-stapled and re-assembled to match the original file.



File Conversion to full text searchable PDF files with OCR


Most documents today are being converted to full text searchable PDF files. The PDF files contains the OCR text information. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Our quality software autoINDEX autoFILER is able to convert the images into very high quality text, even from color images. In the next step the file is being reduced in file size. BW images are typically reduced by up to 30% and Color Images by up to 80% in file size. This provides you a very high quality reproduction of your images, a very small file size and one of the best OCR in the industry to provide you the highes quality keyword searches possible.

medical_bookmark_example Litigation legal document scanning services



Chapters or Bookmarks for easy Navigation


For PDF documents you can navigate throught he files by using scrolling, thumbnails, keyword searches, and bookmarks. Bookmarks in the PDF file are like chapters or sections. Bookmarks makes it very easy to find information by chapters and combine this with keyword searches.  



Load Files for Summation, Concordance, iPRO, TrialDirector


Many larger firms require documents to be scanned and converted to load files that can be imported into they eDiscovery systems like Summation, Concordance, iPRO, TrialDirector and others. Documents will be scanned to TIFF for black and white and either TIFF to JPG images for Color. Text files that contains the OCR'd text from the scans are created and a .dat file that contains all the required information for the files to be batch uploaded inte your eDiscovery system. Normally for load files, documents are preferred to be scanned in B/W, beacuse of the not really good OCR for Color. VDOCS developed its own OCR software autoINDEX>autoFILER. With autoINDEX>autoFILER the images are being scanned as color, but the OCR text is being extracted from a BW rendered image. Next with the "insane" 600 dpi OCR setting we can get almost as good OCR from a color scan than from a BW image. The benefit is that you get the original scan, regardless of color or BW, plus you get great OCR for color images. And great OCR is the key for eDiscovery.





Under the new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, data such as email, instant messages, databases, websites, and documents all fall under electronic discovery. The documents and data are converted into searchable image files to facilitate and enhance research. VDOCS helps you facilitate with your eDiscovery process with ESI (Electronic Stored Information) services like:



Text searchable information from hardcopy Documents - OCR


Through our legal document scanning process VDOCS will convert your paper based records into full text searchable documents with very good OCR. The result are full text searchable PDF file or and load files with ocr text supported files.



Electronic Documents conversion


Electronic files can be converted into the right format to need for your eDiscovery needs. PDF, TIFF to Load Files or Load files would be back converted to full text searchable PDF files with correct index and data structure and bookmarks in the PDF files.



E-Mail conversion to PDF


PST, Outlook and other E-Mail formats are being converted to full text searchable files for your eDiscovery.



OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


OCR is one of the main technologies that support eDiscovery. The conversion of your hardcopy and electronic records into searchable documents makes the information instantly accessible. VDOCS autoINDEX autoFILER provides one of the best OCR conversions in the industry for your documents, even from Color scanned images.



bates-stamp-sample Litigation legal document scanning services

Bates Stamping, Bates Numbering


Bates Stamping is also known as Bates Numbering or Bates Coding or Bates Branding. The bates stamp Is very common in the medical and legal field to place identifying information on each image. This could the case number with the pages per record. This makes the identification process in the eDiscovery or trial phase very easy and to follow. VDOCS provides bates stamping services as part of the legal, litigation scanning services for PDF files that either were converted from hardcopy records or from electronic files.


pdf-to-word-conversion Litigation legal document scanning services

Word, Excel Conversions


Instead of retyping your documents, VDOCS offers the option to convert your hardcopy or electronic documents into Word or Excel files. For conversion to MS Word we would provide you the MS Word 2003 and MS Word 2007.

formatted documents. Text normally converts very well, but images, tables and other non-text areas might not convert the format well. For reference how the original looks, we provide also a full text searchable PDF file. Please note: We do not offer retyping or OCR correction services for conversion to MS Word, Excel etc.

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