4K to 10K - 1,200 DPI Photo Scan Quality




While other Service offer only 300 dpi or 600 dpi, VDOCS Offers

  • Quality Photo Scanning at 1,200 DPI

  • 35 mm Slides and Negatives at 3,600 DPI.

VDOCS-Photo-Slide-Album-Negative-Scrapbook-Scanning Quality Photo Scanning  image validation

Color Correction is always included:
VDOCS-Color-Corrected Quality Photo Scanning  image validation
The Image Quality Adjsutment provides wonderful color restoration of old photos. We scanned and image corrected photos that were over 100 years old and the resulting quality was more than impressive.
All Photos will go through the VDOCS Color Correction process. We utilize the latest technology and software to provide your photos with the highest quality color adjustment and color correction.
Correct Image Orientation
Correct-Image-Orientation Quality Photo Scanning  image validation
Every Photo will be validated to match the correct Image Orientation.
Photo Naming and Indexing
VDOCS includes custom Photo naming by Categories. Nothing is worse than having to re-organize hundreds or thousand of photos. With VDOCS we make it easy for you.
1. Organize your photos and separate them into groups. Place each group of photos into ziplock bag.
2. Create a name tag for each section like, "Vacation 2010", "Vacation 2012" and place the name tag in the ziplock bag. Please limit the group or section name to 20 characters.
You can also use rubber bands to separate the photos and place into sections or groups. We will apply your name to all the photos in the group or section 
Vdocs-Photo-File-Naming Quality Photo Scanning  image validation
INCLUDED: Your photos are organized the way you instructed us to do. No need to spend time reorganizing the photos and renaming them. 
2 Sets of DVDs
2 Sets of DVD are included in the pricing. No additional Cost!  
After your photos are scanned, you will receive with the photos 2 sets of DVDs? Why 2 sets? For security and piece of mind in case something happens to one set. You can always access the second set.  
In case you need more DVDs, please let us know and we prepare as many DVDs as you need.
Instant Access of your Photos 
After the photos are scanned we provide you the Photos electronically. You probably already have Dropbox or Google Drive. Provide us your information and we share the scanned photos with you via Dropbox, Google drive or your preferred option.  
INCLUDED: Instant access to your photos before the originals with the DVDs arrive.
Quick Turn Around Time
We will work to meet your required turn around time. Normally orders below 1,000 photos are scanned up to 10 business days, Larger volume up to 15 -20 business days. The turnaround time does not include shipping time and depends on availability.  
Small and Larger Originals

VDOCS scans odd sized images, small images. Over the years we saw that many photos do not have regular photo sizes

> Minimum Size is only 0.5"

Maxiumun size is 11.3" x 17.2"

Larger Prints up to 36"x72". No Problem, Contact us for custom quote.


Easy Pricing Structure

Easy and Simple Structure with no hidden cost. You only pay for final images.

No need to count the Photos. An estimate will do. After the photos are scanned we get the exact amount of scans

You pay only for scanned images

Pay after Scanning. No need to Prepay. After the photos are scanned we provide you the invoice with the exact amount of scanned photos


Optional 2-Sided Scanning

Important to keep your notes on the back of the photos.


Hand Scanning

All photos are handled with care and manually scanned and immediatley quality controlled.


All work is done in Florida, USA

We are based in the Tampa Bay area, Florida. All our work is done locally.


4X Quality Control

Each image is validated and checked for quality four times.

Highest Quality Photo Scanning for Best Quality Images
















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