Why VDOCS Photo Scanning Service is Right for YOU



4K to 10K 24 bit Color Scanning

VDOCS scans all images up to 8" x 6" with 1,200 DPI. This provides you the security of the best in Industry scan resolution. Compared to 300 DPI or  600 DPI scanning of other services, VDOCS 1,200 DPI scanned photos can actually display your scans a newer 4K TV without loosing quality. A 6' x 4" photo scanned with VDOCS 1,200 DPI results actually in a 7.2K(!). An 8” by 6”  VDCOS scanned photos result into 10K resolution.  

VDOCS scanned photos are already ready for the next generation high definition displays. Why settle for past technology?



Amazing Color Correction

VDOCS uses the latest Image Color Correction Technology.  This is based on the latest Color Matching and Color Correction algorithm. VDOCS uses technology to provide you wonderful color corrected scans from your precious photos.



Get two sets of your Photos (with and without Color Correction)

Color Correction is subjective. Today we like crisp sharp images that look great on the latest displays of phones, computer and TVs. But Color Correction modifies the original scanned image. Our original scan setting is sRGB and then we apply the color correction.  

With VDCOS scans you will receive two sets of your scans:

The original non color corrected sRGB scan and the Color Corrected Scan. You can always go back to the original sRGB scan and apply different Color Correction.  It’s just a matter of time that technology improves and then you can re-process your scans.



You only pay for actual scans

VDOCS - least expensive pricing with highest quality photo scans

  • No up selling from lower to higher resolution scans. 
  • No box pricing, 
  • No hidden additional charges that can or will surprise you.  

Our pricing is easy, transparent, and you have the security of getting the highest quality scans for the best available price. 

And you pay only for the actual scans!



Naming and Indexing of your Photos

Almost all our customers have their photos organized the labeled. With other services you have to re-organize and re-name the images ?  Why?

With VDOCS you label the photos (like "Vacation 2008", "Vacation 2009") and we name the set of photos. After scanning you receive your photos indexed and correctly named. Done - your photos are organzied.

VDOCS – Lets do it right the first time.



Scanning of Photos, Albums, Scrapbooks, 35 mm Slides and 35mm Negatives

Our customers have loose photos in envelops, photo Albums. With most other Photo Scan services you need to take the photos out of the album. What about old historic albums that were put together with tons of love by your family members for the next generation? With VDOCS we take care of loose photos, scanning from entire Albums, scrapbooks. 

We scan what you actually have and you don't need to take the images out of the album.



Old, Historic Photos and Album Scanning

The oldest album we scanned was from 1893. This was a beautiful historic album that was very valuable. 

With our experience of scanning historic records like Documents, letters, large format drawings and photos that were older than a century, we created beautiful scans that our customer love. We know how to handle fragile records and photo albums.



Fast Turn Around Time

We work to provide a turnaround time that will meet your requirements. Many times customers need only a few hundred scans for a special event and then come back for the remainder of their photos and albums. We love to work with you on getting your photos ready on time.



Correct Image Orientation

Each photo is hand scanned using the flatbed of our scanner. After scanning each image is validated for image quality and also positioned correctly. You don’t need to put the photos in the correct image orientation. We do this for you as part of our quality process. 



Photos on Dropbox, Google Drive etc plus two sets of DVD

After the photos are scanned we can provide you the photos on Dropox or Google Drive or other electronic transfer method. You would have the images immediately after they are processed and don’t have to wait for the DVD or flash drive to arrive in the return box. 



Two sets of DVDs are always included with your order. 














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