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VDOCS-Photo-Slide-Album-Negative-Scrapbook-Scanning VDOCS 1200 dpi quality Photo Scanning services including Image Correction and photos to DVD  | USA | Florida | Tampa Bay | Orlando | Sarasota | Miami | Jacksonville


Highest Quality Hand Scanning - each Photo at a Time.
1,200 DPI - Photo Scanning Service
3,600 DPI Slide  Negative Scanning Services



Your Photo are rare and precious memories and reflections of your life.

VDOCS Photos Photo Scanning Service turns your rare and personal photos from your Family, Nature Photos, Kids Photos, Church Photos, School Photos, Vacation Photos, historic and old photos into beautiful HD, high definition photo images through our high quality photo scanning process.

You will love your amazing digital photos converted into high definition digital scans. Create beautiful photo slideshows and share your photos with friends and families.



> 4K to 10K Highest Quality Photo Scanning with 1,200 DPI

Don't settle for only 300 or 600 dpi photo scanning. You will not have the capbility to enlarge the scans later without loosing too much quality. VDOCS scans photos with 1,200 DPI.

A VDOCS Scanned 4"x6" photo has a quality of about 34 MegaPixel.



> 4K to 10K - 3,600 and 7,200 DPI Scanning for Slides or Negatives

35mm Slides and Negatives are scanned with highest resolution available to provide the utmost quality.



> Old Photo, Fragile Albums and entire Album scanning 

VDOCS has experience of carefully handling over 100 year old photographs in very fragile albums.  



> Scrapbooks Scanning with 600 DPI

Scrapbooks scanning will provide you wonderful reproduction of the are scanned beautifully



Custom Scanning

VDOCS is using a variety of top of the line Production Color Scanning Systems that offer increadible flexibility and versitility to offer the largest range or Photo Scanning Capablities from 

  • super small images (0.5"x 0.5") to
  • oversized photos (up to 11.3" x 17.2") or even
  • poster size images (3 ft x 6ft).

For photos up to 6" x 8" we always scan with 1,200 DPI.  

For larger photos up to 11" x17" we scan up to 600 DPI and for over sized posters etc we scan with 400 DPI.


  • Color Correction is always included:
  • Correct Image Orientation
  • Photo Naming and Indexin
  • 2 Sets of DVD
  • Instant Access of your scanned Photos
  • Quick Turn Around Tim
  • Small and Larger Originals
  • Easy Pricing Structur
  • Optional 2-Sided Scanning
  • Hand Scanning
  • All work is done in Florida, US
  • 4X Quality Control   
















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