VDOCS as a Document Scanning Services Provider converted millions of pages and provided electronic documents to our customers with many different needs.

So we developed autoINDEX > autoFILER, document capture software for the most productive and easiest transition to turn paper into digital information.

Most companies use their computer folder to store and manage their documents.  V-DMSI supports this with one of the most powerful document search and mangement capabilities.  

And in the final step why still create paper documents? With our V-FORMS you create your documents or forms electronically.


Capture - Index - Publish
After your documents are scanned, captured, autoINDEX > autoFILER can automatically index and files your paper or electronic documents
Access - Manage - Monitor
Most powerful and productive way to manage and search for content and documents within your exisiting file and folder structure
Create your documents electronically
Its time to go 100% paperless. Why do you still have paper documents, forms etc.? Let us create your documents digitally with V-FORMS.




... turning Paper into digital Information.

Document%20Capture  VDOCS Software electronic documents management


autoINDEX > autoFILER Document Capture transforms paper and electronic documents into digitized data. This streamlines and improves your business processes and results into monetary and time savings across your enterprise. As example in the 2014 AIMM user feedback study the average cost to process paper based invoices is about $12.00 per invoices. With hundreds or thousands of invoices per month, your organization can save on average over 30% to 50% with a ROI withing a few months.


"It's really mind blowing!" 


All in One
Document Capture Software,
Document Indexing Software,
Document Conversion Software and
Document Publish Software.
- 64bit technology and contains the
- latest technology to capture, convert, index and publish your
- documents into almost any document management system,
- one of most adaptable and productive capture solutions
Easy to Use and Easy Integration is
- device independent and uses hot (shared) folders.
- Scalable for unlimited workstations and workflows
This allows to capture documents from almost any
- Scanning systems, Scanners, multiple scanners,
- Multifunctional copier, fax, etc.
- NO Scanners license Fees
Most Advanced OCR
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is
- Fastest PDF OCR Conversion speed
- Highest quality, especially for color pages
- Very small file size (up to 80% file size reduction)
- Awesome quality of reduces size PDF's
- Precise OCR

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V-DMSI  (VDOCS Document Management Search Index)

VDOCS%20Web  VDOCS Software electronic documents management


"V-DMSI takes my current files, folders and this becomes a powerful Web Document Management System"


Easy to use
Point V-DMSI to the folders you need
Access of Documents through web browser
Advanced Web Technology
Very fast Document Indexing
Uses Document Names, Folder Names as Index Fields
Fast Search as you type
Search for keywrods in documents like PDF, WORD, etc.
Results show while typing
Open PDF file at requested page
Control and Access
User defined Access to Documents
Reporting of document usage






VDOCS%20Forms  VDOCS Software electronic documents management


"This is too easy!


Electronic Forms
Easy create your documents, forms digitally
Latest Web Technology, Bootstrap, HTML5
Forms integration with current documents
iPhone, iPad, Smarthone, Android, Mac, PC, UNIX Tablets ...
Replicate current form or optimized for electronic input
Features and Functions
Electronic Signatures
Photo Capture, mark up
Data Collection
Business Rules
Sync Data


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