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autoINDEX > autoFILER Document Capture transforms paper and electronic documents into digitized data. This streamlines and improves your business processes and results into monetary and time savings across your enterprise.

Our customers saved time and money with a very short Return in Investment (ROI) with VDOCS autoINDEX > autoFILER capture solution:


Accounts Payable:
Automated Capture Process that improved Scan Volume by 600% over previous capture software.
Medical Records: 
Saving 90% of time scanning, indexing and filing documents into EMR systems.
Corporate Records Filing:
60% time savings with semi automated filing process. Duplicating the paper filing structure digital.
Production OCR: 
Capable of convert tens of thousand of documents daily into high quality OCR sarchable PDF files


Use Any Scanner:
Incorporate Scanners and Multifuctional Copier - Printer - Scanner (MFP) into Document Capture.
Large Format
Integrate Large Format, Wide Format Drawings Scanning  into Document Capture process.
Barcode Capture
Batch scan documents and use barcodes to separate the documents and file automatically.
Zonal OCR - Database
Combine zonal OCR and database lookup to automate scanning. Retrive index data automatically.



Brief Comparison between Paper based and digital document Processes


Paper Based Documents / Processes
Office employees spend 20%-25% of their time looking for documents.
The average hardcopy document is copied or reproduced and stored multiple times.
7% of all documents misfiled.  The average cost to find a misfiled document is $120.  
Document Storage (on-site, offsite) costs money and office space.  
The average processing cost per paper invoice is $12.00.
Disaster Prepardness is expensive and time consuming (moving boxes, etc.).
Benefits of VDOCS digital Documents / Processes
Find digital Documents in seconds by Index criteria or Keywords in Documents.
Digital Documents are stored electronically once, should have backup.
If digital documents are misplaced, they can be retrieved by keywords.
Reduced Labor Cost, Reduced Storage Cost, Reduced Office Space
Savings of 30% to 50% over paper based processing.
Disaster recovery, digital documents are backed (like in cloud) up and easy accessible.


automate | streamline | optimize | save


autoINDEX > autoFILER
... turning Paper into digital Information...


Powerful Document Capture Capabilities


Capture of most document types
Scheduler, parallel running of multiple workflows
Batch Processing or manual Processing
Reverse Lookup, Watch Folder
and many more
Zonal OCR
Database, Excel Looup
File Folder Lookup
and many more
Conversion to PDF Image
PDF File Size Reduction up to 80% without quality reduction
Full Text Searchable PDF, TXT
TIFF, Searchable TIFF, BMP, JPG
Load Files for Summation, Concordance, others
and many more
Document PUBLISH
File and Publish to most Document Management Systems
Replicated Capture Filing Structure
Append to PDF (begin or end)
Create Bookmarks
extract Data from Documents
and many more
Spectactular OCR
Super precise and lightening fast Optical Character Recognition
Quick and precise conversion to full text searchable PDF files
OCR of PDF Engineering Drawings
Accurate OCR on Color Documents
and much more
Easy Scalable from one to unlimited index workstations
workflows are mainteined in database
automatically updated and deployed to workstations
easy deployment and scalable 
Unlimited Scanners
Documents are captured from hot folders
Licensing by PC, not scanners
hardware independent, use almost any scanner
WIDE Format File Capture and Correction
Super Fast Image Correction
Deskew, Despeckle
Correct and Rotate Drawings by 0.1 degree precision
Convert Drawings into Full Text Searchable PDF Files

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