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easy, but powerful capture configuration


autoINDEX autoFILER is vendor independent. Documents can be send to the capture folder as electronic files or from any scanner or scan capable MFP (multifunctional copier, printer, scanner) device. The documents are being captured from a shared folder. 


autoINDEX > autoFILER powerful Document Capture Process options






autoINDEX autoFILER Configuration Options and Settings



Operations Mode
Set Capture Folder plus Sub Folders
Set up Back up Folder 
Run Process Manual or Autoamated
Copy (keep files in soucre Folder)
Move (Remove File from source Folder)
File Completion: Check if file in capture folder is completly transferred
Run Process once or ongoing

document-capture-settings autoINDEX > autoFILER PDF, TIFF, JPG,




Workflow Scheduler
Set Times for Document Workflow to start processing Files
Daily, Weekly, Monthly and add scheduled times
Workflow-Scheduler-Set-Up autoINDEX > autoFILER PDF, TIFF, JPG,



File Type Selection
Choose from most comming File Types like
Or add the file type of documents you need to process
File-TypeSelection autoINDEX > autoFILER PDF, TIFF, JPG,



File Sorting for Document Capture
Two File Sorting Options for Documents to be captured from the capture source and sub folders.
File Capture Sorting by:
Date (ascending, decending)
File Name (ascending, Descending)
File-Capture-Sorting autoINDEX > autoFILER PDF, TIFF, JPG,



File Filtering
autoINDEX > autoFILER advanced File Filtering Options allow to specify the document to be captured by:
EQUAL: is file name equal to Filter
STARTS WITH: does file name start with ...
ENDS WITH: does file name end with ...
CONTAINS: does file name contain ...
CASE sensitive or NON CASE Sensititve selection for Document Capture
File-Filter-Options autoINDEX > autoFILER PDF, TIFF, JPG,



Watch Folder
In some instances it is required to only have one document at at time being captured from the Source Folder. As example some document management web upload utilites are not capable of handling a large batch of file for automatic uloading.
Watch Folder monitors the sources Folder and if the source folder is empty (document has been filed) then watchfolder process will move, copy the next document into the source folder for processing.
Watch-Folder-Capture autoINDEX > autoFILER PDF, TIFF, JPG,



Document Backup Folder Settings
Option to set a Backup Folder for Captured Documents.
Documents can be file in Backup Folder in same sub folder strcuture.
File Replacement Options include a) Do not replace b) Replace is file exists c) Copy and keep current file d) Merge File (for PDF only)
Document-Capture-File-Backup-Settings autoINDEX > autoFILER PDF, TIFF, JPG,



On Demand File Capture
As example you need to capture 100 files out of 1,000,000 documents for review.
With ON DEMAND FILE CAPTURE a text or excel file containing the requestd file names, autoINDEX > autoFILER automatically retrieves these 100 documents.
Document-Capture-On-Demand autoINDEX > autoFILER PDF, TIFF, JPG,



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