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From One PC to Corporate Solution

Easy, Fast Scalable Document Capture Software for any Size Organization



Determine your Document Capture Solution


What level of automation offers the best ROI (Return on Investment)?


Complexity of Document Capture Solution
Location of Documents, Storage and Document Access

These criteria need to be determined for your Document Capture Solutions investment to achieve your best ROI for

  • the process improvements and

  • the cost and time savings and 

  • identify the best mix for your document capture solution



Complexity of Document Capture Solution


How do the Documents look like?

What data can you extract from the documents?

Can you link extracted data with data from your database?

Scan to Image Files
PDF, TIFF other File Formats
Eliminate the burden of Paper Documents
Manual Indexing normally required
Information can be difficult to find
Basic Recognition
Zonal OCR to capture data from document areas
Requirements to manaully extract data 
Possible errors in manual processes
Intelligent Data Extraction
Data extraction beyond structured documents
Integration with other scan technologies (MFP)
Integration into ERP systems
Intelligent Data Collection (OMR, Data sets)




Location of Documents, Documents Storage and Document Access


Where are the Documents located?

Where is the capture software set up?

Who and how do you need to access the documents?

Document Location
Centralized Scanning Approach
- Shipping Cost
Scanning at Point of Origination
- Multi device automated scanning
Document Storage
Centrally stored on Server
Globally in Cloud
Hybrid Cloud Storage (Clound on demand)
Integrate in ERP, ECM Solution
Document Access
Depending on Document Storage location
User Web Access
Client application required
Multip devices access (PC, Tablets, etc)

Develop and Set up most efficient autoINDEX > autoFILER Configuration

autoINDEX > autoFILER 
... optimizing your Document Capture Process



From One PC to unlimited workstations
Captures Files from Folders and shared folders
Designed Workflows are immediate deployed to all workstations
Run multiple workflows independent and parallel
Scalable and Flexible for changing requirements
Workflows are built to run in MySQL database
Scanning Systems Independent
Document Scanner or Multifunction device
Use Scanner Vendor Software for scanning
Multifuntional Copier/Printer/Scanner scan to shared Folder as TIFF or PDF
Recommended Scan Resolution: 300 dpi or higher
Integrate with already existing office equipement 
No Scanner license Fees
Windows 7, 8.x and 10 Workstation, Windows Server 
64 bit Architecture
VDOCS autoINDEX>autoFILER Software
Optional OCR Modules
MySQL connector
MySQL database like XAMPP


autoINDEX > autoFILER as single Document Capture and Indexing Workstation


scan-to-single-pc autoINDEX > autoFILER | scalable document capture


autoINDEX > autoFILER as Corporate Document Capture and Indexing Solution


Company-wide-capture-solution autoINDEX > autoFILER | scalable document capture


The workflows are stored in a database.  

The database can be installed on a single PC or on a server and the workflows can be accessed easily from any workstation.


Departmental Scanners
Production Scanners
Multifunctional Scanning 
Wide Format Scanners
Large Format Scanning
Capture Large Format Scans for
Document Image Correction
Document Indexing
Document Publishing, Filing
Indexing Workstations 
Capture Files from shared Folder
Independent Index Station
Capture, Index and Publish
Scans from Multifunctional Devices
Workflow Database
Centralized or Decentralized Databases 
Workflow Design and Testing
Workflow Deployment 
Workflow Categorization, Organization


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