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Historic Photo and Old Records Scanning

"I appreciate your excellent service."

Susan S


Medical Records Scanning - EHR integration

"I have brought VDOCS in to many practices I have consulted with and worked at in the past for years.  Their knowledge and ethics are unsurpassed.  My clients have saved thousands of dollars by utilizing their services prior to implementation of EMR by proper planning and routing of documents and  have benefited by never being caught in a position that they do not have their own data.  They have saved clients from disasters, storage problems, legal problems and medical neglect.  PRICELESS!"

Merrilee S.


Manual Scanning - Large Format Drawings

"I had a very large manual consisting of 11"x34" double sided pages. They were able to scan/OCR the 500 pages at 600 DPI mostly in black and white, but they did notice some that were color and handled them as color too. I was given a single PDF with bookmarks just as the manuals had in them. Total cost was much cheaper than I could have done it myself, and in much higher quality. I'll be giving them more business in the future soon with other documents. If you have any documents you need preserved electronically they should be your first choice."

Brian F., St Petersburg


Government Scanning Services 

"In closing, I wanted to tell you that VDocs performed this project to a level that exceeded our expectations. You can expect an excellent reference from us as we are a happy client." 

Paul G., Tampa


Document Scanning Services

"you were GREAT in responding to my original request, made it very easy for me and I felt valued. Totally happy! (and I am pretty picky!).  Thank you so much, not only will I use you again, I will recommend you!."

Gail F, Florida 


Scanning Services

"It was a very quick turnaround; I was contacted immediately and the scans were good quality and properly aligned. I was really impressed how easy and ecomonical this was"

Mart C, Florida


autoINDEX>autoFILER - Capture and Filing Software

"This is working wonderfully. Thank you."

Catherine B., Florida 


Mail Scan and Check Deposit Service

"I really enjoy this service. Things have worked so perfectly with your services that I hardly have to think about it."

Marc N., New York 


Medical Records Integration - autoINDEX>autoFILER 

"The reason I am implementing this is because I am cheap and this will save me lots of money. Plus the system works really well."

Jeffrey A., Florida 


Litigation, Legal Scanning

"Thank you very much for all your help over the past several months. I greatly appreciate your quick turn-around and patience."

Brandie C., Florida


Wide Format Scanning, Large Format Scanning

"The image quality of the wide format scans is super and much better than I expected, especially considering the poor quality of the originals."

William H., Florida 


Medical Records

"The new way of filing records saves us so much time. And it is so easy to find anything now."

Laura R, Florida


EOB Scanning Services

"Your service is great! EOB's are now very easy to locate and we print the documents we need. Thank you for the great customer service also. Highly recommend to others."

Margaret A., Florida


Document Conversion Services

"Great Service. The Files converted great. We will use you in the future and tell others."

Gary F., Sarasota 


autoINDEX>autoFILER Capture and Filing and Workflow Consulting

"We really like this system. It is easy to use and we are able to triple our scan volume."

Richard C., Florida 


Litigation, Legal Scanning

"You are doing a great job.  Please let us know if you ever need a reference."

Michelle M., Florida


Scanning Services

"Our company has being using VDOCS Scanning Services for over 3 years now.  We are very happy with the efficiency and the cost reduction we were able to obtain by eliminating paperwork, saving filing time and facilitating the search process. We would really recommend this services if you want to save time and get your documents organzied."

Roland F, Florida


Historic Records Scanning

"I just wanted to let you know that our client (U.S. Air Force) was extremely happy with the scan job you all did on the historic newspapers. Just thought you all would like to know. Have a great week!"

Aaron H., Florida 


Insurance Policies Scanning

"Other companies warned us that it is not a good idea to scan all of our insurance policies and records. But you made it so easy for us. Now we can access the files immediately. The time we are saving now is super. And we have lots of space for other tasks."

Ginger K., Clearwater


File Prioritization for Ongoing Records Scanning

"That was fast. Thank You…Such Efficiency!!!"

Ann M., St Petersburg


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