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VDOCS is the scanning company and printing company where you get your large format drawings, construction plans scanned and printed.  


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VDOCS as a professional Scanning Company handels any volume, from a few drawings to bulk document scanning and printing and blueprint copies. Our document imaging service for large format scanning services includes:

Wide Format Scanning and Printing Serices for Construction Companies , Engineering Firms, Architects, Builders, Mechanical Firms, Government Agencies, Public Utilities, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Companies, Industrial and companies from other industries.


We scan, print and reproduce the following documents:
- Engineering Drawings
- Blueprints
- Construction Plans
- CAD Files
- Architectural plans and drawings
- Building Renderings
- Building plans, Drawings
- Specifications Manual, or Spec books
- Permits and others


"High Quality Large format document scanning and printing is our expertise."


Blueprint, Large Format, Wide Format Scanning Services


With our high quality production scanning equipment and software solutions, VDOCS offers highest quality scanning of large format drawings. Your construction plans, architectural plans and drawings, eingineering drawings, CAD drawings and Blueprints will be digitally converted to PDf or TIFF with the highest quality.  In additon VDOCS will take care of the indexing, the file naming and the filing of your digital large format drawings.

Why VDOCS Large Format Scanning Services:

  • Normally we scan less expensive than inhouse large format scanning
  • No more misplaced or lost large format documents
  • Large format Color Scanning
  • Large format black and white scanning services
  • Free up expensive Office space. wide format documents take a lot of space
  • Specific drawings can be easily found with VDOCS Bookmarking
  • Professional Document Scanning Services
  • Professional Document Indexing Services
  • VDOCS only charges for the actual final actual number of your digital large format documents
  • Searchablility: VDOCS creates optional searchable PDF files from wide format scans
  • Custom Indexing done by experts based on your specific requirements
  • Large Scale blueprint scanning services
  • Large Flatbed scanning Services, up to 11.4 x 17 inch
  • Document Scannin and correction Quality for each image to provide highest image reproduction


File Transfer – File Upload

We offer multiple ways on how we can provide you your scanned large format documents. 

  • Secure E-Mail,
  • DropBox,
  • Google Drive,
  • FTP upload,
  • Web
  • DVD's
  • other


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Reprographics - Wide and Large Format Copying and Printing


As a professional printing services company for architectural drawings, cad printing, digital blueprints, VDOCS produces high quality large format printing and copying services with our large format production printers. Large format Printers, Printing

All printed blueprints , plans, archectural plans, drawings, construction plans will be digitally printed and bound.

High Quality Copying, Printing and Reprographics of your wide format prints, blueprints, large format drawings and specification sheets. 

We prepare the entire construction documentation for you including binding of your spec books.

Oversized Prints - Large-format Printing and Copying of Construction, Engineering, Blueprint Printing and Reprographics Service. 

VDOCS will copy and print your large format blueprint and engineering construction sheets with our high quality reprographics systems. 


File Transfer – File Upload

We offer multiple ways on how you can provide us your electronic files for large format printing: 

  • E-Mail,
  • DropBox,
  • Google Drive,
  • FTP upload,
  • Web

upload to just name a few of them. Please contact us to provide your preferred file transfer method.


Complete Printing Solution:

Spec Books:

VDOCS will also reproduce your specification sheets.

The document can be finished to provide you a complete solution. 

You can provide us the spec book as hardcopy or digital original. Reprint at your Request. 

Per your request we will store your digital documents. This will enable you to request a re-print immediately at a later time. 

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We ship Engineering Drawings Nationwide!

We offer USPS and UPS delivery to all Continental Cities in the USA within a few business days.







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